The Archive

The Emilio Leofreddi Archive is a cultural association established on February 29, 2024, by the artist’s daughter and wife. It is a key resource for anyone interested in exploring and studying Emilio Leofreddi’s work. Our mission is to preserve and promote his artistic and social legacy through studying, archiving, and cataloguing his creations and compiling a Catalogue Raisonné of his work in the future.
Anyone who owns works by Emilio Leofreddi that have not yet been registered in the Archive is invited to contact the association to proceed with archiving.
In case of sale, whether private or public, the Archive assists collectors in verifying the data of already authenticated works.
For sales already concluded (through auction houses or other channels), the new owner is invited to get in touch with the Archive to discuss their potential inclusion in the Catalogue and contribute to the historical documentation of each work.

Other Activities
In addition to the study and archiving activities to promote knowledge of his work and life, the Archive contributes to the publication of essays, catalogues, and digital resources to make Emilio Leofreddi’s work accessible to all. It also organises, either independently or in collaboration with others, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and other initiatives.

The Emilio Leofreddi Archive is chaired by his daughter, Asia Leofreddi, and directed by his wife, Marina Mesnic.
The Archive also benefits from legal assistance from lawyer Fabio Macaluso.
The Expert Committee comprises Asia Leofreddi and Marina Mesnic. It relies on the consultancy of various experts, appraisers, and scholars who participate according to the type of works being examined.

Who We Are